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No Win No Fee Claims and Archaeology Sites

No Win No fee UKIn this article we will examine how archaeology and excavation sites can be dangerous to those that may want to visit such sites. We have all heard the great tales of the curse of Tutankhamun tomb and the curse of the mummy. Great legend has it that those who dare to enter such a tomb do so at their own risk and that those who have have been greatly cursed by the mummy. And although such events are known worldwide and are highly fascinating the hazards and dangers this article will cover are more concerned with the health and safety not only of the visitors who attend such famous sites but also to those people which discover such unique areas of the world which give us great insight in to the world many years ago. Archaeology and excavation sights are known for their dangers and more commonly their unknown dangers as such sites have not been entered upon for numerous amounts of years. Governments have set out important and vital guidelines to those who want to set up such sites and firmly state that through law that any dangers that workers may face near or on excavation sites must be prevented.

Is it Possible to Make a No Win No Fee Injury Claims from as an Injured Archaeologist?

There is no denying that many archaeological sites pose hazards to both those that are working within one or to those people who visit such sites. Archaeologists working on an excavation or archaeological site are aware of the dangers that such sites can contain, anything from underwater wreckages that are in seas which are below freezing and can cause hyperthermia to jungles that have shockingly high temperatures and wild and poisonous animals. For free advice you can visit No Win No Fee Claims Here If the correct health and safety procedures are put in place and those that are working on such sites are clearly aware of all the dangers possible then the correct laws have been followed. However if those archaeologists that are working and developing such a site have not been given the correct equipment and guidelines and an accident takes place then those employees working on the archaeological site who are injured and such an injury could have be prevented may have the right to make a No Win No Fee claim.

Injured Visiting an Archaeology Site is it Possible to Claim through a No Win No Fee Agreement?

Archaeologist Injury ClaimsMany archaeologist sites are unique and have not been disturbed for many years and before they are actually worked upon it is sometimes very difficult to know for certain what that site may contain and importantly what type of dangers may be faced without carrying out a risk assessment. Such assessments are carried out on any archaeological and excavation site even before any work is allowed to take place. Furthermore in order for an archaeological site to be open for visitors extensive assessments and safety measures must be put in in order for it to be redeemed a safe and appropriately place for people to visit.

If a visitor is unfortunately injured or becomes ill after visiting such a site as some sites can be extremely hazardous and such safety measure have not been correctly followed or put in place then they may be able to make a No Win No Fee claim if the injury sustained could have been avoided. Archaeologists sites are hazardous and dangerous for several different reasons some due to the fact that the sites are very old and can be unstable and unpredictable, trips and falls can happen easily if not safeguarded and sometimes it may be difficult to achieve complete safety without ruining the total historical effect of the site, hazardous chemicals may be a real problem if dangerous substances are released when historical sites are disturbed and often sites are in alien environments which people find it hard to adapt to

What is a No Win No Fee Agreement?

No Win No Fee InjuryNo Win No Fee agreements are quite easily to comprehend and should not be feared as some people may consider them to be and are in the main straight forward. It is important to say that during April 2013 the law changed where No Win No Fee agreements are concerned in as much as if the claimant is successful then they now have to pay their legal team a success fee of up to 25% of the compensation they receive . Before this change took place regardless of whether the claimant won or lost the case they would not have to pay either side any money regarding their legal fee’s but insurance companies called for a change to be brought about as they was paying huge fees in terms of legal law fee’s to the opposing winning sides and promised to reduce the astronomical premiums they were charging their customers which must be stated although the law has changed such premiums have never been lowered. Since the change in law it still remains the same that if the claimant loses the case no moneys is ever required from them.