About West Virginia

United States is one of the most amazing and culturally diverse countries in the whole world and each and every one of its states offers a lot of exploration opportunities for everyone. Among these states is the great state of West Virginia that is located in the Appalachian region of the US. It became a part of the United States after the 1861 wheeling Conventions and was also a key border state in the Civil War of 1863. The historical and geographical significance of West Virginia is quite well recognized and there is a lot to explore here once you figure out where to look. In order to really enjoy a trip to this amazing state, it is important that you are well aware of the places that are worth exploring and as it happens, the most popular of all spots in the state are the archaeological sites that let you explore the history of the area. To find out more about what it is like to be in West Virginia and what you can expect on a tour here, keep reading.

Geography& Climate

West Virginia is located almost entirely on mountains as it is located in the Appalachian Region. This is also the reason why the state has been nicknamed as the mountain state. The average elevation level of the landscape in the state is 1500 feet and it is only in the areas around the Ohio River and Shenandoah River where the height drops. As a result of the greenery that covers most of its mountains, there are several nature parks situated here too, several of them protected by law as national parks. You can find a whole range of places to explore here and the park service department also provides very good facilities to the people who go out to explore the West Virginian wilderness.

The average temperatures during the start of the year in West Virginia are around 26 degrees Fahrenheit and during July they go as high as 76 degrees Fahrenheit. So it can be said that the overall temperature of the state is relatively cool and pleasant most of the time. Average snowfall in the state is measured at 180 inches per year.


There are countless amazing spots that you can visit to have a really nice tourism trip in West Virginia and most of these places are beautiful natural trails. These include the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, the George Washington National Forest, Gauley River National Recreation Area and several others. However, there are several other spots too which provide you with an equally amazing chance to spend time enjoying the natural beauty of West Virginia.

Archaeological Projects

The state of West Virginia is particularly known for one very important aspect of tourism that is unique and very beneficial in terms of history and academics and, its archaeological sites. One place that is particularly involved in this regard is Baker which is located in the Hardy County and is home to a number of excavation sites that are really worth exploring. Among these sites are also the Reed Farmstead and the Caledonia Farmstead. These sites have provided the archaeologists with a vast wealth of artefacts and documentation that provides a very unique insight into the way things used to be about two to three centuries ago. The artefacts are varied which include household items, personal use items and tools to be used in the farm. In addition to that, there are several very special pieces too which are from the Civil War times and are particularly helpful in the reconstruction of the lifestyle that prevailed in the area at that time.

The excavation project in these spots, especially the Reed Farmstead is being funded by the government and the highway authority of the state is also directly involved because of the construction of a new highway that will provide easy commute to people going to Virginia. Visiting these sites, exploring the area and checking out the several artefacts found from these sites a very amazing experience that everyone visiting West Virginia should have.

Final Words

Planning a trip to this amazing state would be a great idea for you because of the plethora of exploration that the state offers its visitors. If you are someone who likes to explore new areas and delve into the history of this great country then visiting West Virginia and its archaeological sites will definitely turn out to be one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. To find out more about the state you can visit the official website of West Virginia here.