Most Recent Archaeology Finds

Archaeology is a field that continuously mesmerizes us with interesting stories about our own past and seeing the things that archaeologists uncover from sites all over the world is a very revealing experience. Learning about our past is one of the best ways to understand how we developed into what we are today and also how helps us to understand about what the future may hold for us. The field of archaeology keeps on presenting us with new discoveries every now and then and it is important to keep a keen eye on these discoveries in order to better understand ourselves as a part of the ecosystem. Some of the most recent discoveries that archaeologists have made have been discussed here.

The Desert Kites Mystery

Among the many discoveries made by archaeologists in the past 10 years, they have also unlocked the secrets to this particular mystery. The mystery points out towards thousands of years old stone walls that have been found built at several spots in the Middle Eastern deserts. Said to be built more than 5000 years ago, they were believed to provide shelter to farm animals from predators. Although the path was made for these animals, the real purpose, as it has been found was to lure them into a certain place for slaughtering. This reveals the fact that even at that time farmers studied the behaviour of animals closely.

Egyptian Tombs found in City of Dead

Archaeologists have recently discovered two tombs in the old city of Saqqara which is also called the city of dead. These tombs have brought forward a lot of new information regarding the ancient Egyptian civilization. Said to be 3000 years old, the tombs belonged to high ranking officials and most of the stuff that was supposed to be found here has been looted. However, the archaeologists have still found a lot of new carvings on the walls of these tombs. The carvings have revealed new and interesting information regarding the beliefs that the Egyptians had about the afterlife.

Oldest Cancer Evidence

In current times, we are seeing cancer spreading at a very shockingly fast rate and the major reasons behind this is that are our huge population and an alarming amount of pollutants in the environment. However, archaeologists have found new evidence for cancer being present in our society for a very long time. In a tomb in Sudan, 3000 year old remains of a body have been found that suggest the presence of cancer in the body of the person. The body belonged to a man who was around 25-35 years old and had major damage in his skeleton from soft-tissue tumours that were spread in his whole body.

Evidence of old Native American presence

In a subterranean cave in Mexico, archaeologists have recently uncovered a skeleton that is 13000 years old. The skeleton has been named Naia and after extensive testing, the scientists were able to find a link between the skeleton and it was found using DNA from the skeleton’s teeth which matched those of modern Native Americans. While all the previous evidence had no proper relationship with the Native Americans, this is the first time ever that solid proof has been found of the presence of these people.

New Pharaoh

Archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania have recently made a massive discovery in which they have found a completely new pharaoh who is named Senebkay. Said to have belonged to a period between the 15th  dynasty and 16th dynasty of Egyptian rulers, he is thought of as a low grade ruler. The reason for that is said to be the fact that although the sarcophagus was quite fancy, there were several items in his tomb including the canopic chest that belonged to a previous pharaoh. The speculation as to why it is so has given rise to several theories. It is believed that either the pharaoh was not a particularly wealthy ruler or perhaps he was disliked by the people who then decided to take little care for his burial.

Final Word

The archaeologists around the world are busy as always, finding new places and digging up new artefacts and remains that are providing fascinating insights towards our past. Getting to familiarize with these discoveries and finding meaning from it is a major contributor in the development of mankind. All these artefacts and remains also provide a great deal of knowledge that can help in understanding the human biology in a better way and finding cures to diseases that are yet to be cracked. To find out more about recent developments in the world of archaeology, you can visit the website of Archaeology Magazine.