Top 10 Archaeology Sites in America

America is a wonderful country that is filled with countless treasures of historical and archaeological importance that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year to explore them. In this article, the top archaeological sites of America have been discussed briefly to provide you with an insight on these amazing treasures. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Barton Gulch

Located in the south-western part of Montana, this is a very important site that provides us with a lot of important information regarding the earliest of the Paleo-Indian settlers who wandered these lands. With an area of 19 acres covering the archaeological sites, it is a really amazing and beautiful place that also provides a great chance to admire the diverse wildlife and plantation in the area.


This historical site is a place where Native Americans belonging to the pre-Columbian era who settled around a time frame between 600 to 1400 CE. The site is located in the southern Illinois and covers an area of 2200 acres. The site has been thoroughly excavated and archaeologists have found a lot of amazing artefacts belonging to that era. It is certainly a great place to learn about the ancient Native American history.

Calico Early Man Site

Located in the central Mojave Desert, this is a great historical site where Holocene alleviation has buried under the ground, the possible evidence that could prove the existence of pre-Clovis cultures. Archaeological efforts have been made quite extensively here and in addition to several artefacts, the excavators have also found fossils that are from as early time that goes beyond 350,000 years. The site is really amazing and a field trip to this place is certainly worthwhile.

Casa Grande Ruins

Situated in Coolidge, Arizona, this is one of the most important archaeological sites with regards to the exploration for the Ancient Pueblo societies in the area. With sites that date as far back as the 13th century, this is a great place to learn in depth about the          Pueblo lifestyle and the artefacts that have been recovered from this site.

Clary Ranch

This site is located in Nebraska and was formerly a private ranch which has now become the site for several archaeological excavations. With work being done here for the past four decades, a lot of artefacts and bison remains were discovered here and palaeontologists have also been assisting in the processing of the findings. It is a great place for exploration, especially if you are interested in archaeology.


This is a settlement in Virginia which marks the first permanent settlement that was ever made by the English upon their arrival to America. So essentially this was the first ever colony of the British Empire. Over the years it saw a major downfall and then was left forgotten until 1940s when a full on archaeological rediscovery of the site took place and a plethora of artefacts and buildings were uncovered. It is a really mesmerizing place to visit and you get an important lesson on the history of the country.

Mesa Verde

Located in Colorado, this is one of the most popular archaeological sites in all of United States which is also among the World Heritage Sites. With vast archaeological discoveries that brought to light the settlements of the Anasazi Pueblo People, this place is one of the most visited archaeological sites in all of America.

Pumpkin Creek Site

Located in the state of Oklahoma, this is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Archaic period that shows evidence of life dating back to 7000-9500 BC. Several tools and important artefacts were recovered from here and currently the place is a fully developed historical site with proper tourism trips taken regularly.

Serpent Mound

This is also a very interesting site in Ohio with its origin stories that date back to a time before 1200 BCE in the Archaic period. Shaped in the figure of a serpent, the 420 meter long mound is a very strange and curious site that has caused the origination of several stories. It is certainly worthwhile to go and discover these stories and enjoy the surrounding beauty.


This archaeological site is located about 30 miles away from Phoenix, Arizona and was home to the Hohokam people. With its origin dating back to 1200 BCE, it is also among the biggest sites in all of America. The artefacts that have been discovered here count in the thousands and visiting the museum there is certainly a great source of learning and enjoyment.

There are countless other archaeological sites too spread all over America and to find out more about the excavation activities being carried out currently, you can visit the website of Society for American Archaeology.