Most Famous Archaeology Sites around the World

Over millions of years of development, mankind has developed a lot over such a period of time and while we once lived in caves, we pride ourselves nowadays with the amazing breakthroughs in every aspect of life. Reaching such a high point is certainly a huge achievement and in order to make sure that the steps to our future are kept firm and stable, it is extremely important that we don’t forget what our past is and what we can learn from the people who were here before us. To do that, we have to look into the civilizations that once inhabited the earth and left signs of great achievements during their time. However, since most of these civilizations lived thousands of years ago, all of the signs of their life have been buried underneath the earth. To uncover their secrets, the field of archaeology has done a lot of work to bring out some really amazing places and there are quite a few among them that have provided evidence of real greatness that the people from the old times had achieved while they lived on the earth. Some of the most amazing archaeology sites have been discussed here for your information.

Machu Picchu

When it comes to ancient sites, this one is perhaps the most beautiful of all. Located right on top of the Andean mountains at a height of more than 9000 feet, it has a very large collection of amazing and massive stone structures. Considered to be a sacred place for the Inca civilization, this was a completely self sufficient place that had an amazing design and structure. A lot of interesting and ingenious artefacts were discovered here, many of them showing the keen interest of the Incan people in astronomy. While the Inca civilization itself was destroyed when the Spanish colonists came here, they couldn’t find this particular spot and therefore, the whole place is still intact with its structure still the way it was hundreds of years ago. Today, people visit this spot daily in huge numbers and there is a plethora of knowledge that one can gain from this place.

Petra Ruins

When it comes to archaeological discoveries, there are very few places that can be as baffling and amazing as those of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. With huge structures that are carved right into the mountains, these gigantic structures represent a very special and phenomenal era of the human presence on the earth. You can see the ornate and gigantic doors that open into equally large rooms and it really gives the whole place a very unique feel about it. Visiting this amazing place is certainly a worthwhile trip and if you go there, don’t leave without visiting the High Place of Sacrifice. It will require some effort to climb but the spectacular views you can see of the valley from there are certainly worth the climb.

The Terracotta Army

This is considered to be one of the most spectacular archaeological finds in history and given the magnitude of the project that this place is, it is also among the biggest. With an army of 8000 clay soldiers buried underground without a trace by Emperor Qin in the Xi’an region of China, it is also one of the most curious places to have ever been found. A lot of really interesting things have been discovered about this place, particularly the fact that the emperor had each and every person who knew about this place killed. Also, it is believed that the emperor was buried in mercury, making his tomb highly toxic and therefore, it is impossible to open it. The preservation of the place after its discovery also came to a halt when the paint wasn’t able to stick to the unearthed warriors. However, it is believed now that the authorities have discovered a way to preserve these structures and if you were to visit now, you will definitely find a lot bigger collection in that area.

Other places

These are only a few among the large collection of amazing archaeological sites that have been discovered around the world over the years. The ones that should definitely be visited at least once apart from these include the ancient ruins of Pompeii in Italy, the Delphi ruins in Greece, the Great Pyramids in Egypt and Baalbek archaeological sites in Lebanon.

All these places are testimony to the greatness that the humans are capable of achieving and at the same time, serve as a grave reminder that there is an end to everything.