Privacy Policy

This page reviews in detail the privacy policy of this website and entails all the details regarding the usage of the website that the user is entitled to be informed about. The policy ensures that any and all personal data that is gathered by the website is kept secure and private using state of the art security software. The term “personal data” covers any and all personal data that the website may take from the user to enhance their experience. This data can include email addresses, phone numbers and location of the user. The data that is collected by the website from the user is strictly for experience enhancement and the data is not passed on to any other party under any circumstance.

Consent and Email

Under the usage policy of the website, the user of the website automatically provides their consent to provide personal information when they enter it in the website’s database by using services like subscription and other email related services. While other means of contact are seldom used, the email address is the main source of contact through which the website provide user with all the information and material that the user subscribes for.

Unsubscribing from service

If a user who is subscribed to the information sent to them automatically by the website via email wants to stop getting the material, he or she can easily subscribe through the unsubscribe option in the emails that are sent.

Content Security

This website uses state of the art protocols for data security which ensure that the data collected from the user is kept safe under all circumstances. It is of vital importance to us that our users find their experience stimulating without having any chance of losing their privacy on the internet.

Anonymous Data

The website periodically collects data about the user’s browsing and this data does not contain any personal information. The data collected here is used strictly for the improvement of the experience on the website and no breach of privacy occurs here.

External Links

There may be links in the material present on the website’s content that would lead you to external sources of information and clicking on those links excludes you from any protection that you have under our website’s privacy policy. We highly recommend that you only provide you personal information to these websites when you are absolutely sure about their privacy policy in order to avoid any breach of your privacy.

Promotional Material

Occasionally the users of the website’s subscription service may get promotional content on their email which is provided from companies other than the website. This content is strictly monitored by our website and is kept highly relevant to the subscription itself. In addition to that, no external parties are allowed to use your email address twice.

Underage use

The website does not knowingly collect data from any underage users and if you think your underage child has provided your personal data to the website without your approval then we suggest you contact us immediately to have the data removed from our database.

For more information about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us any time.